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The benefits of online training begin with its affordability! Your average personal trainer will charge you £30 - £60 for one hour. You can use the MyCoach School anytime 24/7 and make it work around you without the price tag.

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What is the MyCoach School?

Transforming your body and mind through the most extensive workout and knowledge based video library in the world.


Confused by calories, macros and dieting? We have a complete video recipe and cooking library along with a calorie tracker and meal planner. If you’re still struggling, feel free to request a personalised nutrition plan from us.


Our online training courses will teach you about the basics of training and dieting, losing body fat or adding lean muscle, putting a stop to binge eating, training on your period and much more.


Get access to 100s of video workout tutorials from Lucy and Ben, learn the fundamentals of training and how to complete exercises. Our library features weight training, HIIT workouts and home workouts from beginner to advanced.


Guides, tried, tested and proven with tens of thousands of transformations worldwide. Programmes and Challenges designed for fat loss or muscle gain, whether you’re a stay at home mum or a regular gym goer. Join in our challenges where the best transformation will win a holiday!


Use our Facebook support group to chat with us and ask questions directly. Also keep in contact with a group of active like minded individuals who post on a daily basis to share your achievements, have a laugh and support one another.


How can you see progress if you don’t track it? Our most valuable asset on the school is the progress tracker. Record your weekly progress, via charts & body images to stay motivated and accountable.


If you’re bored of conventional training methods and feel like you’re getting no results for your efforts, try Ben’s functional bodybuilding workouts. These workouts are designed to test you physically and mentally, transform your physique and most of all make you fall in love with training again. Whether you want to lose body fat, build lean muscle or improve your general fitness, the answers are right here in the School.

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The female workouts consist of a variety of weight training, HIIT workouts and home workouts. If you feel bored or lack confidence in the gym, don’t worry you don’t need a gym membership, you can simply follow along from home. If you’re seeing little progress over the weeks and months, you’re in the right place to make a change to your body and mind today. Grow your glutes, shape your body and lose fat.

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Find out some of the reasons why our members love the MyCoach School, how it has changed their lives, and their results so far.
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